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re: Prelude


You can contact me as well Gil... .
Just figuring everything out with the pre patch as I type this. 
Hope you had a restful time off!

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re: Prelude


I was starting to worry you guys would raid in legion. Id love to come back on my DK if you would have me. I hate how blade and soul turned out so i dont play it. And overwatch is just kinda....meh havent played in a week. I would also suggest using discord for our voice comm now, it works pretty well. I love it and its free



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re: Prelude


Hope everyone is enjoying their summer days.  I apologize if you have not heard from me until now but a lot of time has been taken off and thus a lot of catching up is needed.  This post is a brief informative of the current situation and what the plans for the future are.  More detailed information will be coming soon and likely at quick speed given the imminent release of Legion.

To start, I am currently reading up on everything I missed these last couple of months and absorbing absolutely everything I can regarding content in Legion.  I personally refuse to be uninformed about the state of the game before launch.

I have contacted most all of the officers as well as some of the raiders and if I have not spoken with you personally then please keep an eye out for me.  I will be more active on the website and in game.  I will not be on a lot immediately but with greater and greater frequency as launch gets closer.  You are, as always, welcomed to contact me in game, through guildlaunch, on mumble, or by personal email.  The best email address to reach me at is <>.

There is a current effort underway to clean up the website for launch.  The website as well as the current voice communication software used by MMC is also being looked at.  The website, aside from being a place to post absences, largely failed in its intended role during WoD and I am considering its cost v. benefit.  There are many software packages available for VoIP and am looking at those as well.  If you have any opinions on either of these matters please post a comment here or talk to an officer.  For myself, I have been using Discord considerably lately as I have been engrossed in Blade and Soul and it is the VoIP of choice over there.  I would like to hear other opinions on the matter.

I will be posting a "what to do before Legion" thread soon.  Selling off WoD mats and shoring up gold will be on that list so I highly recommend you start this immediately.  If you have seen me in game recently, 90% of what I've been doing is selling/auctioning off materials.  If there is something in the guild bank of value to you now please do not hesitate to take it if you have permission or ask for permission to take if you do not.

In august I will be doing a mass contact of anyone and everyone I have a favorable opinion of, past and present, in order to gauge interest and shore up numbers before launch.

There will not be a serious recruitment effort before the launch of Legion.  There will not be a serious effort to clear any content before Legion.  This may not be what some players were hoping for but it is the current sentiment of too many people to not take the current content of WoD seriously, myself included.  I encourage people to have fun and do whatever they would care to before Legion and help others with what interests them.  Always ask for help from guildmates but never insist.

Things are not set in stone with Legion yet.  However, the current trend of upcoming content will be progression through dungeons.  We will be raiding Suramar Palace and The Emerald Nightmare but at current the progression portion (and most of the time spent at start) will be through Mythic+ dungeons.  Completely new expansion and with it a new way of things.  Again... currently... 20 man raiding is largely an afterthought to progression.  Obviously subject to change.

It is sometimes hard to track me down.  Especially as of late.  So here is some of my contact information:

Btag: Kalvin#1508

Email: <>

Twitch username and League of Legends summoner name: Bembly

Steam account name: Effulgent

Main Blade and Soul name/realm/faction: Murizeki/Iksanun/Crimson Legion

The preponderance of the time I am at home I am logged on to at least one of these accounts.  Especially my gmail account.  Feel free to stalk me.

If you have any further concerns feel free to post here or contact me through any means.  This is just a prelude of more important information and happenings soon to come.

Hope to see you soon in Azeroth (b^.^)b -Gilnahe

"But with patience, day by day, Even this shall pass away." -Theodore Hilton
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